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Namely, my dream of studying in a foreign university especially in Germany or Holland. Bearing in mind that the test has worldwide accreditation, passing it will open a lot of doors in front of me. Last but not least, this test would also give me very important personal answers — whether I have good command of English or not, whether I am capable of studying in a foreign country or not. Passing it is the only alternative for me in order for my dreams to come true. No matter, that this exam requires long preparation and wide knowledge, it is wonderful for numerous reasons.

Are poor people poor or just lazy? The town where i was born.

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I am seriously want to be fluent speaker and listening , I am really have bad mood and fair about this problem.. I can make a weekly schedule and specialize much hours for English language to perfection this language. I am desirous to do anything and tired to achieve my important goal.

You have to prepare for the test. First, you need to get organized. Are you going to study for the test on your own or take a course? When is the deadline for applying to the universities?

What is the last possible date you can take the test? Second, if you want to be fluent in English in 8 months, you will need to work extremely hard. You will need to create an English-speaking environment for yourself, living your life as if you were living in an English-speaking country.

I recommend finding a private tutor who is a native speaker. Hello Melanie, I am a food technology engineer, I wanted to go to Germany this year.

He Toefl Test Is A Wonderful Test

The language I speak is spanish. I want to take again on november, you can tell me some tips to improve the listening part. Very few people get the score required on the first try. Now that you know how hard the test is, you need to practice, practice, practice. Does Hohenheim have requirements for the individual sections?

For example, do you need to get a certain score on the listening section? You really need this book if you are going to study for the test on your own.

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What specifically do you need help with in the listening part? Did you run out of time? Is note-taking difficult for you? Do the speakers talk too fast? Hi Melanie.

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Thank you so much for writing. Listening has been a problem for students here, and even for me. So, thank you so much for writing the tips. So, dear Melanie, thank you a lot : you went through the really good job and made us to know what we should expect for. I have taken already 2 tests, which were 59 and 78, also I took another one in prev.

I give you my huge respect and kiss you many many times : I will let you know about next score :. Thanks for the tips, i already have the exam, i got only 72! What university are you applying to?

What is the required score of the school you want to go to? Once you know that information, you can decide if you want to take the test again. I took the test this morning for my first time and it was a shock. At least two of four passages of the Reading section were much more difficult than the paper simulations, that I did with my private teacher, and unfortunately all the Listening passages were simply to difficult to follow, full of scientific details, that I had to be able to manage answering the questions.. For this reason I speak and I hear already another foreign language, while I try to do my best at home practicing English and for the Toefl.

Please tell me if you have any very good advice to improve listening, especially related to scientific topics, and if you know something against confusion of foreign languages!

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Do colleges accept a score report received after the deadline but referring to a test taken in a date prior to the deadline? Thank you very much in advance!! It is so important do to the online practice tests so you can get used to taking the test on the computer. Not all exam preparation books are equal.

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  • Some are much better than others. It should not have been a surprise that the listening passages were full of scientific details. Again, no one ever gets the score they need on the first try. However, you will have to practice, practice, practice. What is your situation? You need to focus on English. To be honest, 61 is not a very high score so you should be able to achieve that with more practice.

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    You will have to contact the school directly. I have my problem with the reading section, please I need your advice on the reading section.

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    I had 23 on the speaking but on the reading 10, a big difference. Anything would be helpful. What happened in the reading section? Were the passages too difficult? Were the questions too difficult? How did you prepare for the test? Did you use a textbook or take a course?

    What materials did you use? The best thing to do is practice.

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    Find the practice books that I recommend. The Delta book has an extensive reading section. It teaches you how to read the passages quickly to help you answer the questions faster. The passage is always is difficult for me and I am a slow reader too. So, what do you think? I really recommend the Delta textbook in the resources section. This is very important.

    You recognize that you need to focus reading faster.