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Domestic violence hotlines receive more than , calls each year in the United States. Not everyone who is a victim of domestic abuse is brave enough to speak out, but many of those who do reach out to domestic abuse hotlines or shelters. By interviewing hotline workers, or by volunteering for one of these hotlines, you could get the first-hand experience of people who work with domestic violence victims.

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Having a weapon in the home often makes the fate of a domestic violence sufferer grim. When a woman who is the victim of domestic violence lives in a home with a gun, she is five times more likely to be murdered by her partner than a woman who lives in a home without a gun. One in five women is likely to be raped in their lifetime.

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This is another shockingly high statistic that can be used in your research paper. While not all women who are in domestic violence situations are raped, many of them are. In some states, marital rape is not illegal. Not all women who are raped report it. Rape culture, the way rape is discussed in society, is a leading factor in this. Writing about this can give an extra dimension to your research paper. Almost half of the women who are victims are raped by people they know. One interesting point to write about in your research paper would be to research why this happens.

Men are less likely to be raped by someone they know. Looking at this difference could provide an interesting angle for your paper. People who are sexually abused are more likely to have sexual infections or diseases, as rapists and abusers are less likely to use protection.

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What are some of the other medical effects of sexual violence? Looking into this can add depth to your paper. Children who live in homes with domestic violence are more likely to be neglected or abused by their parents.

Essay: Domestic Violence and Abuse in Australia

Children who grow up in a household where one parent is abused by the other are more likely to be affected as well. If they are not abused, they are still more likely to be neglected than children whose parents are not victims of domestic violence. Since the beginning of civilization, intimate relationships have….

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Introduction My fieldwork was done at Bolton Refuge House where women can go to seek refuge from an abuser and escape a situation of domestic violence. The mission of Bolton Refuge House is to offer tools that will empower victims….

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Mass shootings seem to be at an all-time high over the past…. This review will be divided into four-subsection to focus in explain the general factors in Domestic violence against in various type of gender and include animals. Many researchers have different opinion and summarize different factors that causes to abusive violence.

Literature Review Literature has suggested that domestic violence reporting and victims of domestic violence, are issues that have very little research. On top of this, the research that has been conducted is not as accurate because the definition of domestic…. Domestic violence is a destructive issue that is very common and affects many Americans today.

Abuse can occur in heterosexual couples and in same-sex partnerships, and occurs within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, and economic levels. It is disastrous for…. In other word it is when one partner…. Abstract Domestic violence, a combination of crimes that have been perpetrated for centuries is a big concern today to the American society.

The government acknowledges that the scope of domestic violence is wide as there are different forms of crimes…. Claim a Subject Bounty Has this subject changed names or been replaced?

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