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For the writer, there are a few challenges in this line of work. After all, they are technically cheating.

Essay Writing Services Are Ethical And Necessary

It seems to me that payment should be due up front and in full. You may be a talented writer, but it stands to reason that your customer is not. How polished, exactly, should this work be? This will depend on the topic and level and is an interesting question in its right. Another issue is the research inherent in college-level work. Of course, this is the main question that comes up when writers talk about this line of work. A writer who does this is helping another person to cheat.

Consider your reputation as a writer. Consider the impact this work may have on any community groups or board positions that you work within. Ask yourself what your cost would be, were it known that you engage in this kind of work. One way that I've seen service providers get around the ethics question is by insisting that the writing they sell to students is simply a unique "model" essay that the student is supposed to use to help them learn. I get it. Other writers have reasoned that the student will simply choose another writer to provide the service, so why bother?

Some point to the fact that the writer isn't the cause of this particular problem, and that if any finger-pointing should be done, we should look at the education system that perpetuates such a practice.

Essay Writing Services

Look, as a book-lover and English major, I get the draw. I excelled at academics of this nature. I was one of the rare students who enjoyed the research and writing process. However, there are other ways to earn money by doing what we love.

Book reviewing is easily one of my favorite services. To this day, after a decade in this business, I get a thrill out of finding free books in my mailbox and reviewing them for others. Also, many colleges are fine with upper-level students being supported in their writing process by editors. I've provided editing, indexing and research support to several Masters and Doctoral students. Individual institutions often have some guidelines on editorial services posted on their websites.


Some colleges even keep a list of freelance editors to whom they refer their students. Last, there are several magazines and websites that accept long form articles that are well-researched, interesting and provocative. The freelance writer must carefully gather the facts, but also follow their conscience. Good luck.

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They like to create complicated word structures, to tell stories, and just shine. But there is a bigger part of those students who do not like writing essays and fear this pr Take 4 Easy Steps to Launch a Project Step 1 Fill in the order form to provide as much details about your as possible.

Step 2 Proceed with the payment. Step 3 Your paper is assigned to a writer straight after we receive your payment.

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Step 4 Our writers are experts in their fields, but they are human beings and can overlook some errors. Case Studies.

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